October 14, 2005
Volume 41, Issue 4
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Gathering of Nations:
Chako-Kumtux hosts a powwow to
celebrate understanding and community

Dead Mathematicians do math with Bart
Students swerve ‘drunk’ at Soberfest
Part-timers gifted office, counsel space
Forensics team whomps Lewis & Clark foes
Getting to Know Stephen Emery, ASG President
Nursing program keeps growing
Student gets back in the saddle after baseball falls away

Editorial Cartoon
- “Stats show alcohol kills”
Incompetent leader won’t last
MHCC be too dangerous fo’ this bitch
Different Views on Same-Sex Marriage:
Pro: You won't be forced to participate
Con: Expert says moral society suffers if gays marry

All star Saint
Saints recoup, focus on making playoffs
Cross country to skip meet
White Sox will be unstoppable in World Series

Sosso says aloha to MHCC
KMHD hopes to usher in new listeners
Children’s theater finds ‘Reasons to be Cheerful’



Photos and Story by Janice Tarlecki